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A list of our most commonly asked questions.

Where is your meat sourced from?
We source 95% of our beef, lamb, pork and poultry from the UK. When demand exceeds the supply that UK farmers can provide, we outsource to the EU from countries such as Belgium and Poland. We sometimes source meat from New Zealand depending on the season and supply in the UK.

What quality is your meat?
All of our meat – no matter where it’s sourced from – is the highest Grade A standard.

Is your meat halal/kosher?
None of our beef, pork or lamb is halal/kosher. They are stunned at the point of slaughter. The majority of our poultry is gassed. Our 2.5kg and 5kg chicken breast trays are halal.

Do you provide gluten free options?
We do not have a specific range of gluten free options at present. On occasion, we may be able to provide GF sausages – please contact us directly to arrange this. Please contact us for product specific ingredient lists. We are working on accommodating a range of food allergies and thank you for your patience.

How is your meat reared?
This is product specific information – please message us directly at to find out more. For slaughter codes, please email us using the address stated.

Do you deliver to Scotland/Northern Ireland?
We provide nationwide delivery; however, restrictions apply. The term “nationwide” is a blanket statement. We do not ship to areas that our couriers do not service, or to areas that we cannot deliver to within 24 hours. This means areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland may be beyond the remits of our delivery service. This is something we are continually working on. Please see our delivery information page to find out more.

How are my items delivered?
Your items will be delivered fresh (with the exception of lamb shanks which are delivered frozen) to your door in Woolcool packaging with ice packs within 24 hours of our butchers preparing the meat. If you’re ordering to a nationwide address, your order will be delivered via DPD. If you live locally to us and have a PE postcode, your order will be delivered by one of our own delivery drivers on a chilled van.

What is Woolcool packaging?
Woolcool is specialist packaging that is designed and tested to keep perishable items chilled below 1°c for at least 24 hours. It is made from 100% felted sheep’s wool, sealed within a recyclable food-grade polyethylene wrap. You do not need to send your packaging back to us.

Can I freeze my items?
All of our products are suitable for freezing.

I have a coupon code but it’s not working, what can I do?
There are a few things to try and/or note when attempting to use a coupon code. Firstly, please only use coupon codes that have come directly from us. Codes on third party websites are not affiliated with us and will not be honoured. We are continually making efforts to prevent third parties from using our branding. Secondly, none of our coupon codes are applicable to items already on sale, and all coupon codes bar the NHS code are single-use. Thirdly, please ensure you read the instructions for applying the code e.g. add a pack of sausages to redeem your coupon. Lastly, please ensure there are no spaces in your code as you type it.

Why is delivery priced as it is?
Our delivery charges are priced to factor in the cost of the wool cool packaging, the ice packs, the chilled transit vans and the next day service.

Can I add to my order?
Unfortunately, we cannot amend or edit orders once they have been processed and payment has been made.

Can I cancel my order?
To cancel your order, please notify us no less than 48 hours prior to your expected delivery date by calling us on 01733 866551.

I’m not satisfied with my order, what’s the return/refund policy?
If you’re not satisfied with your order, please see our refund and returns policy.

I’m having trouble ordering online, what can I do?
If you’re struggling to place your order on our website, please call 01733 866551 and we will take your order over the phone.