Ultimate Steak Collection

With over 2kg of prime Grade A beef, our Ultimate Steak Collection offers five flavoursome steaks to suit every preference.

This pack includes:

  • Prime Beef Fillet 10/12oz (serves 1)
  • Prime Sirloin Steak 12/14oz (serves 1)
  • Prime Ribeye Steak 12/14oz (serves 1)
  • Prime Blade Steak 10/12oz (serves 1)
  • Prime Rump Steak 20oz+ (serves 1-3)

Our 20oz+ rump steak is a large cut ideal for sharing between 1-3 people. Packed full of flavour, rump steak is best served medium rare.

Our beef fillet is an ultra-tender, prime cut with a buttery soft texture. It's perfect for those who like their steak rare or medium rare.

Sirloin steak is a classic cut with a perfect balance of fat which allows rich juices to melt into the meat when cooked.

Ribeye steak is a popular, tender cut with a delicious beefy flavour. To allow the fat to baste the meat, we suggest cooking it medium.

If you're looking for the perfect pot roast, our blade steak is an excellent option.

All of our beef steaks are cut and prepared fresh by our award-winning butchers, so they can be cooked immediately or frozen for future steak nights.

Nationwide delivery is available.

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