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7 Day Aged Pork Loin Steaks 170g+ (pack of 2)


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Stilton Butchers’ pork loin steaks are naturally lean, but with a cap of fat which creates a delicious, juicy piece of pork when cooked.

We proudly source the finest pork from Dingley Dell Farm in Suffolk and age it for a minimum of 7 days, to bring you pork cuts with amazing taste, consistency and quality.

Dingley Dell Farm produce superb, higher marbled and welfare-friendly pork from their own breed of pigs (Suffolk Red), which are born and reared outdoors all year round. Dingley Dell are committed to farming in harmony with nature which is reflected in their fantastic conservation and sustainability programme, as well as providing a stimulating environment for the animals.

These are beautifully moist when grilled and can be used for a variety of meals.

Each pork loin steak is delivered fresh nationwide and can be used immediately or frozen to enjoy at a later date.


We deliver our meat fresh in high performance, thermal insulated packages which are designed specifically for deliveries of fresh food. The packaging has been rigorously tested and proven to keep produce within the temperature ranges required by the Food Standards Agency.

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