About us

About Us

In 1978 based in a quaint village called Stilton, Peter Morgan launched his first butcher shop on the high street - hence our name Stilton Butchers. After a successful opening within 12 months another shop was opened, 2 others closely followed. Realising the ever expanding demand for good quality meats in the catering sector, Peter sold his shops and moved into a large custom built unit concentrating solely on the catering market.
Stilton Butchers are now operating from their third unit, which is a 16,000 square foot custom built cutting plant, using the latest equipment and technology. Our unit has an EEC cutting licence, which means we are able to export meat abroad,
Stilton also hold a five star hygiene award from Peterborough City Council. We are very proud to say we have been awarded a B.R.C A grade, along with some of the highest accreditations available.
In 2006 Peter and his son James decided to open a wholesale business, supplying to high street butchers. Once both the catering and wholesale businesses were established from the new head quarters, in 2009 the father and son duo went back to their roots supplying the public.
In the Autumn of 2009 James created www.stiltonbutchers.co.uk supplying and delivering their award winning meat locally and all around the country. All Stilton Butchers products are stored in bespoke commercial fridges allowing no light or air to come into contact, exposure to both can taint or discolour meat. Orders are taken online or by telephone, our expert butchers then cut and prepare fresh to order. Orders are delivered locally by our own refrigerated vans or countrywide by courier in a techni-ice box that keeps the meat below 5˚c. 
We have no doubt that you have eaten our award winning meat at some point. Stilton Butchers supply local cafes’, bars and pubs as well as fine dining restaurants and establishments nationwide. Just remember the best thing is, there’s no need to leave your home to dine in style! Stilton Butchers will deliver your gourmet meat to your door. 
Stilton Butchers provide a consistently high standard, with a fast and reliable service to your home you can always trust.
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