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Let Stilton Butchers help you save money on your weekly shopping. We have created this box especially for those looking to cut cost, but whilst still using all our finest cuts. 

Box Contains:
2x 450g Lean Mince Beef
4x 7-8oz Chicken Breast (Skinless / Boneless)
4x Chicken Thighs
4x Chicken Drumsticks
2x 650g Half Chickens
4x 3-4oz Cajun Chicken Breast Steaks 
1x 1lb Lincolnshire (8s)
4x 6-7oz Matured Rump Steaks
1x 450g Diced Beef
4x 4oz Beef Burgers
4x 7-8oz Bacon Chops
1x 450g Drycure Bacon
1x 450g Tikka Glazed Diced Chicken Breast
4x 3-4oz Pork Loin Steaks
12x 1oz Beef Meatballs

  • Suitable for home freezing
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