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Depending on the season we source lamb from the UK, Ireland or Australia. This ensures that we are able to supply the best quality lamb throughout the year. All lamb is prepared to order and trimmed to the highest standard. Buy quality lamb from an online butchers you can trust. So don’t hesitate try some of stilton butchers gourmet lamb today.

Burghley Estate Diced Lamb Leg
Minted Lamb Leg Boneless
Burghley Estate Premium Mince Lamb
Lamb Liver Sliced
Homemade Lamb & Mint Burger
Minted Lamb Loin Chop
Minted Lamb Leg Steak Boneless
Lamb & Mint Sausages 1lb (8s)
Burghley Estate Lamb Leg Boneless
Lamb Shanks

Lamb Shanks

Lamb Rump

Lamb Rump

Burghley Estate Lamb Loin Chop
Diced Lamb Shoulder
Minted Lamb Rump

Minted Lamb Rump