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Lamb Loin Chop

Our finest lamb loin chops have a deliciously sweet flavour and are mouth wateringly succulent. The most tender and leanest chops on the lamb, our loin chops are perfectly hand cut into generous chunks by our award-winning butchers. They can be cooked in just a few minutes and are best served slightly pink. They're also endlessly versatile, with hundreds of different ways to include them in a variety of recipes and cuisines. Or just keep it simple and pop under the grill or pan fry for an super tasty, easy meal.

All our lamb is sourced from: 
Burghley Estate, provided to us by Peter Mitchell & Son, Orchard Dairy Farm, Stamford Rd, Easton On The Hill, Stamford,Lincolnshire, PE9 3PA

Lamb Breed: Suffolk

  • Suitable for home freezing
Available Unit Price Qty
2x 4oz / 114g (Serves 1 person)

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